How to create your Future-BOOKZ Project

Choose and purchase your title.
A mentor or reader will browse our library of titles and chose one that appeals to their interests.

To create your personalised book, you need to use an iPad or desktop computer.

Your completed Future-BOOKZZ can be accessed online via mobile phones, tablets, iPads or desktop computers.

Meet with a mentor

Read the whole book

Work through a range of project tasks, small and large.
Activities include both writing and photographic tasks.
When you are ready you can choose an activity and get to work.
These books provide opportunities for readers to practice their speaking, reading and writing abilities

The order to do activities is up to you to decide.
Collect photos to put into your book.
Text and photos are all drag and drop, so that the book sizes everything for you.
You can delete and insert as often as you wish.
Make sure that you put in your own details as author, including on the front cover.

When the book is complete, download the finished electronic book

Take the electronic book to a printer to get a beautiful printed book
When complete you can get the finished book as a download. You can get it printed as many times as you like, then give them out as gifts such as Christmas presents.

Then choose another title and work on a new topic.