Who would use these books?

We are living in an age of lifelong job disruption and lifelong learning.
That requires a literate learner, who can read and write.
Adults of any age who wish to improve their literacy skills can benefit from a Future-BOOKZ.
Anyone who has for some reason had their school education disrupted in some form may now wish to improve their literacy.
This can include trade apprentices, migrants, hospital patients, retirees, pensioners, prisoners, and unemployed people.
That is, anybody who wants to upgrade their skills or present an example of their skills to an employer.
These books provide interesting highly motivational material in readable language.
These books will help most adults easily improve their reading, writing and comprehension skills.

A mentor is the key to success, so this is a team effort.

A mentor is

  • someone with good reading skill who can understand the writing tasks
  • assist the reader to work through project tasks; and
  • assist the reader to enter text and photos into their book.

A mentor can be part of a mentoring team, so one mentor is not necessary to be committed for the whole project.